Physio care services in Archbold House

KOPWA takes pride in our person-centred care philosophy, where rehabilitation and the maintenance of mobility are inclusive. Alongside the care plan, we work with the resident, their family members or nominated persons for their care to ensure residents have access to the quality of life they desire. This ensures our residents have access to the quality of life they desire. KOPWA’s Archbold House (AH) preferred in-house physiotherapist, Katoby Consultants (Boby), has dedicated skills and years of experience that add immense value to the residents.

Two of the many care services in the area of physiotherapy in Archbold House consist of a thorough health assessment upon admission and a continual review of residents’ mobility profiles in conjunction with the pain management plans. This is especially critical after a fall or a return from hospital. Occasionally, advice is given to Management with regards to any supplementary or special equipment which may be needed to enhance residents’ mobility. Care staff regularly undertake allocated and ad hoc manual and equipment handling training sessions.

At KOPWA, we aim to provide services that are significant to your care and wellbeing, which embraces all appropriate specified care and services that meet the accreditation standards and the Charter of Residents’ Rights and Responsibilities (Department of Social Services, 2018). Should you opt for your choice of health professional/s, we can arrange your requests that may incur an extra fee. For more details about care services and charges, please contact us on (02) 9412 0284.