A moment in time

“The first time you took my hand, looked me in the eye

That was my chance of letting someone know my pain

In that moment, I do not feel alone. I have your attention

Your eyes are kind but looked perplexed; so you asked of how my day has been

I hold your gaze, opened my mouth, SILENCE. You smiled – awkwardly

I cringed at my uselessness. I wanted to hide my shame

What are you doing here with me? Who are you?

Yet, I am comforted that you are here.

I hold tightly to both your hands

Don’t give up on me; I need you here

I am not able to tell you the about nagging pain in my back and the sleepless nights I have had

You start singing. My thoughts drift into the lyrics from your angelic voice. I remembered traveling the world to the tune of this song – there were magical times

I loosened my hold. You continued to hold your gaze

My pain is slowly being forgotten

Teardrops trickled down my cheeks

I am relaxed. We both smiled

Thank you for giving me your time”


Volunteering in aged care is healthy and valuable to all involved. The moment you connect with someone in need gives them life and assurance of being loved. We need volunteers to share our residents and clients’ lives.

For more volunteering information, please contact administration@kopwa.org.au or ring 0478 077 340.