A natural reconnection

The feeling of someone knowing you in-depth is comforting and refreshing. Through asking questions and registering answers into our memories can slowly remove the category of ‘strangers’ between two people. The simple notion of shared activities permits a person’s vulnerability to shine through, transforming the monotonous into an adventure, creating a sense of uplift. The role of a nurse or carer exceed their duties, knowing their care recipients becomes interconnected experiences. There is an unspoken tag of ‘seeking beyond’ their care obligations.

The Far West Local Health District Hospital implemented the ‘Sunflower’ tool to improve communication and interaction between staff and patients and carers. The tool recognises the value and individuality of each care recipient – traits that are often easily overlooked – when the focus is on job tasks. However, to effectively implement the tool, passing on the objectives and training of staff is essential. All staff will need to undertake communication behaviours training to shift mindsets in first acknowledging the resident as an individual and following to create opportunities for conversations between residents and care staff.

KOPWA recognises the purpose of the ‘Sunflower’ tool as a method for staff to engage with residents. The tool in its simplicity will help shape the meaning of care, integrating itself into transforming our care staff so to provide a more natural and gentle form of care. The tool can also help improve residents’ self-confidence and faith to know the person caring for them values them in their current state.
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