Aged Care Quality Standards Report Summary

KOPWA residential aged care has undergone an intensive 5 days accreditation assessment in June 2022. We are delighted to share our wonderful and successful achievement in fulfilling every 8 Standards and 42 expected outcomes!

The end report highlighted areas of clinical care and organisational excellence we are experiencing daily.
The report showed that we demonstrated evidence around the following highlighted key points.

  • Our residents feel respected, are treated with dignity and kindness, and acknowledge the quality care they receive from our caring and competent staff
  • Staff understand and value our residents’ individual circumstances and life journeys, including staff awareness of cultural background and personal identities
  • We frequently consult residents on their interests, beliefs and preferences and review them where required so that residents have the opportunity to participate in events of social significance
  • KOPWA has extensive planning and proper execution of residents’ care and lifestyle plans from a risk-based perspective while balancing our duty of care to encourage independence, safety and social connections
  • Communication amongst staff and between residents was freely accessible
  • Our spacious facility is designed to support sensory and cognitive losses within a homelike feel. The clean and modern environment optimises residents’ sense of belonging and independence. There are plenty of areas to encourage free movement within and outside the facility, and interactive activities for social connections
  • KOPWA provides mandatory and further relevant training and additional support wherever staff requires it. Our care team has the confidence to deliver excellent care and has sufficient time to complete daily tasks to meet residents’ needs.
  • There is a stringent but consultative organisational governance structure to ensure the initiated plans secure ongoing and future care resources for our residents.

KOPWA continuously seeks to improve our services from all levels within the organisation in a competitive and people-centred environment. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect sincerely. We also listen in camaraderie and help improve our staff’s working conditions in many ways.

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