Ageing with choice, respect and dignity

In the past year, the ongoing findings of the Aged Care Royal Commission has revealed the importance of respect, dignity and choices for our consumers. The new Charter of Aged Care Rights 2019 is an updated document, making it easier for consumers and their family members to understand their rights and expectations from an aged care provider.

Ageing carries several negative implications, one of which is having to rely on others. Family members and caregivers can seek clarification from their ageing person on their fears, expectations, and plans. In asking questions, it allows the elderly person to continue to be involved and be respected for their views and desires.

It is however helpful when an ageing person is honest in accepting their limitations, so to allow new opportunities in other areas of their lives or in people. By recognising their physical or mental limitations, it gives others who care for them a chance to engage in deeper and meaningful interactions with them. For example, an aspiring chef may show their passion to cook for their elderly family member when the preparing meals do become increasingly challenging for the ageing person.

The new Charter is in response to consumers’ concerns on having inadequate choices and quality of life. Hopefully, this change would provide more significant support for consumers to have autonomy over their care and lifestyle.

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