Australian College of Nursing placement

KOPWA Archbold House was contacted by the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) in May to determine if both organisations were compatible in the placement of student learning. After a thorough screening process, we were pleased to host Inderjeet Saini for 3 weeks, with 17 August being her last day.

In her home country of India, Inderjeet has prior nursing training and worked as a Registered Nurse the in public hospitals. Aged Care services are not common in India and so when she first arrived at Archbold House, she was excited to discover the operations entailed within an aged care facility. All organisation of paperwork and expected learning outcomes were clearly identified in the early stages and managed in an efficient manner.

Inderjeet’s first impression was of the beautifully landscaped greenery Archbold House has and praised of its homely feel. She expressed of the staff’s professionalism, competence and friendliness, which included the kitchen and maintenance staff. Her homesickness was distracted by the duties and learnings and was embracing everything in Archbold House. She claimed of having no difficulty in easing into the role during her time in KOPWA.

KOPWA will in the upcoming months be hosting another student from the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and a review of the partnership will be conducted following the second student. With such glowing feedback from the first student, we hope the partnership between ACN will continue into 2019.

KOPWA continues to be of service and partnership with likeminded organisations, to ensure high quality care is being provided to the vulnerable people within our society. For more information on KOPWA and our services, please contact or ring us on 9412 0284 to book a tour.