Boost your life with Bwahahahaha?

Laughter is timeliness, imagination has no age and dreams are forever. (Walt Disney)

KOPWA has a certified Laughter Yoga leader in Archbold House. Nita Jain was keen on learning the concept, philosophy and techniques to become a facilitator so to lead laughter yoga sessions for our residents at KOPWA. Merv Neal from Laughter Yoga Australia methodologically equipped the participants with knowledge and giving them reign to be agents of laughter. After her training, Nita will be incorporating a session each week to utilise the techniques she has acquired and bring much joy and laughter into the lives of the residents. This social activity will increase the wellbeing of residents, staff and all who participates in it.


  • increases heart rate. When you first begin to laugh, your muscles are stretched and increases the flow of blood
  • helps you relax, thus resulting in better sleep
  • reframes your perception
  • is infectious and keep people close
  • boost a healthy mind and body keeps the illnesses away
  • is free!

For more details on Laughter Yoga activities held at KOPWA, email

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