Care with KOPWA starts with meeting with you

Did you know, that by 2051, persons aged 70 years and over are forecast to rise 24-26 %? According to data obtained from the Australian Government, there has been an increased number of people using aged care services across residential care, home care, and transition care over the last decade. Home care has seen the most growth, an increase by 84% between 2007 and 2017, while the number of people using residential aged care increased by 17% (Figure 1).

Figure 1: People using mainstream aged care, by care type, 30 June 2007–2017


Number of people accessing aged care services (over 65s) in a nutshell as of 30 June 2017

There is a growing need of care services for the upcoming decades and we at KOPWA pride ourselves to be a provider of excellent level of care. Our specialty starts with a personalised meeting with you and your family to help you navigate through the difficult questions. Both residential services in KOPWA’s Archbold House and Home Care activities continue to expand and improve, and we hope you will embrace ageing in our trusted care.

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Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS). (1998). 3222.0 – Population Projections, Australia, 1997 to 2051