Caring for yourself

Two thousand and twenty has been full of events and uneventful at the same time. The past few months for anyone in the Healthcare sector has undoubtedly been the most stressful. It is, therefore, more relevant to be mindful in looking after oneself.

Self-care is a deliberate act to take care of one’s wellbeing through restorative activities. It is to honour yourself. It may be in the form of a spa day or a weekend-long of Netflix programs, but these are purely rewards or indulgences, though not reflecting the true essence of self-care.

Self-care is refocussing on what is real and inherent for our lives.
It is necessary to understand the physical and emotional threats that attack our energy or emotional levels and eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and whole grains. More significantly, to engage in activities that encompass moments of stillness. In that silence, managing the internal thoughts of compartmentalising and letting go of unnecessary thoughts. Participating in activities that encourage movement and elevate our adrenaline levels throughout the body is also greatly encouraged.

Self-care is acknowledging the connection of earth’s natural energy and our human bodies. Walking barefoot on the earth or in the dirt, absorbing free electrons from the ground to help neutralise and allow antioxidating effects in eliminating toxins within our bodies. Being in nature can aid in chronic pain, improve sleep and circulation in the body.

Some practical ways in which you can practice self-care can include:
1) Setting boundaries for yourself and do not over-commit
2) Make a list of what needs to be done, prioritise them and schedule in datelines/appointments (Be realistic & let go of guilt)
3) Creating an evening routine such as go for a walk or pamper yourself and sleep early
4) Revisit an old hobby or take up a new interest
5) Keep a journal – it helps to relieve your mind of the clutter

In a nutshell, self-care is allowing time for ourselves to improve our mood, reduce stress and improve cognitive function.

It is time to show up for yourself – you are worth it.