Cooking session

We at Archbold House are privileged to have a commercial kitchen and to have fresh ingredients being delivered weekly.  Every fortnight, the residents at KOPWA have the opportunity to participate in a cooking session.

The benefits of cooking in a group are limitless. It creates a bond amongst the residents and there forms a social acceptance for each other. Cooking also helps to incorporate mindfulness and being present in the moment. The method in which the food is to be prepared is one way to encourage creativity and also to reconnect with past memories which have been positive. The act of cooking helps to stimulate the senses of residents and release their inner endorphins. More importantly, cooking increases self esteem and improves the quality of lives of our residents.

If you wish to know more about the various types of services and activities that are held, please call (02) 9412 0284 to experience KOPWA for yourself.