Dementia? When, how & What?

Did you know, dementia is not normal ageing? Dementia is often viewed simply as a loss of memory, yet it is more than that. Dementia is a collection of signs/symptoms caused by several diseases. These diseases affect the brain and has global consequences for the individual an  their family. These consequences fall under 5 domains within a person – cognitive, psychiatric, behaviour, function and physical.

Dementia, in most cases, is not inherited. Only ageing and having inherited a certain gene are non-modifiable risks. Yet there are several modifiable risk factors (such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, and depression) that any individual should undertake to reduce the risk of getting dementia. Interestingly, the first changes of pathology (within the cells and neurons in your brain) may occur 10-30 years before the first signs of dementia occurs, it is therefore, never too late or early to address and maintain good heart and brain health.

Our tips on reducing those modifiable risks:

  • Learn (& continue to…) new skills and/or languages
  • Maintain a healthy heart by keeping a healthy body
    • eat and drink well, but not excessively
    • keep your hearing in tact (turn down the volume)
    • Move, move, move (daily)
  • Have friends who will support and laugh everyday with you

At KOPWA, our carers and staff have undergone some dementia training courses to ensure that our care approach to residents and clients are respectful and productively. Having an understanding of ways people living with dementia, we are able to cater our responses more effectively. For more information on our services, please contact or call (02) 9412 0284.

For more information on dementia, visit Dementia Australia