Digital age-ing

The use of technology and active data collection plays a considerable part in the decision making processes of our everyday lives; why not in aged care facilities?

The benefits of going digital can

  • support caregivers to reduce human error through the use of electronic medication management systems
  • provide transparency of health and lifestyle records between the care provider and the family members
  • improve interactions between family members and friends through the use of social connection applications
  • use digital records for auditing and as a compliance tool

Despite plans of the redevelopment of the current site, KOPWA Archbold House will continue to introduce digital devices to ensure continuous improvement of our clinical care. Therefore we will be increasing the wireless access points in the existing building, so our staff to provide the care required and documenting at the most effective time.

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For more information on how digital technology in Archbold House can support the care of our residents, contact us on (02) 9412 0284.