Education is the key

One of the many new regulations introduced amidst the findings from the Royal Commission is to ensure that the use of physical and chemical restraints in residential aged care facilities is used as a last resort only, and, follows adherence to strict guidelines.

At KOPWA, we focus on understanding the root cause of the symptoms of behaviours and personally knowing the residents’ life stories. There is also the continual reassessing of the resident’s care plan and providing wherever possible, any behavioural alternatives that may reduce the risk of the resident falling. There is a great emphasis on training and education at KOPWA. The use of any medication is under the strict prescription of the resident’s General Practioner. KOPWA informs residents and their family members of any use or change of medication. The care plans include lifestyle activities that support the wellbeing of all residents.
At KOPWA, we support a restraint-free environment within the services we provide. For more information on our services and activities, please contact (02) 9412 0284 or email