Empowering staff through education

At KOPWA, it is our aim to deliver quality care and comfort to those who use our services, and we owe it to our staff to equip them with clinical resources. By educating, training and developing our staff so that they can feel confident in delivering the care required and support the organisation’s purpose.

Our care team comprises of individuals with multidisciplinary fields and backgrounds. Each month, we conduct general in house topical teachings and external courses area also being used. Some examples of inhouse teachings involve medication management, palliative care, oral care and the use of respiratory aids. External organisations delivering Dementia training essentials and materials are being utilised every month. The topics vary from clinical to behavioural management.

At KOPWA, we encourage our staff to grow their skills and provide opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills in palliative, dementia and other therapy-based care methods.

For more information on our services, please contact 02 9412 0284.