Equipping staff to support residents’ End of Life Care

For some people approaching the end of life may be a straightforward process. For many others the process may be complex and involve an interdisciplinary approach. In all cases palliation is about care, not cure. At Archbold House, as part of end of life care, staff care for the resident, their family members and each other.

From over 135 applications, KOPWA was fortunate to be chosen to participate in HammondCare’s End of Life Care program. The program’s objective was to provide a more enriched understanding for participants in navigating and delivering best practice in palliating residents’ lives. The 12 month program, funded by the Sydney North Primary Health Network (SNPHN), covered topics including: emotions, physical changes, spiritual needs and after death management. Practical aspects of the program allowed participants to work in dedicated palliative units and gain knowledge and insight from palliative specialists.

Two staff who were interviewed at completion of the program described HammondCare’s trainers as having clear and concise communication skills when delivering the topics.

Nami, one of KOPWA’s registered nurses acknowledged her increased confidence in identifying and administering clinical care and expressed her desire to impart appropriate skills to other staff.

Anisa, a KOPWA care staff member said, “I definitely feel more confident in recognising and managing our residents’ symptoms. The content was easy to follow, and the trainer was very knowledgeable.”

KOPWA will continue to partner with likeminded organisations such as HammondCare. These partnerships are to ensure KOPWA staff have all the skills necessary to care for residents, based on holistic care and best practice guidelines.

For more details on End of Life Care or careers at KOPWA, contact us on administration@kopwa.org.au

HammondCare’s article