Evolving life calls for flexibility and preparedness

Life is and has always been about changes. The masks we apply in different environments from the workplace to social gatherings. Life improvements for betterment or clutching to an addiction. We are changing every minute. The daily news advises of the ‘new’ life we have to adjust to. Still, in what form of disguise do we have to adhere to? Take Mona Lisa’s smile: It lies in the perception of the human visual system – how we perceive her expression of happiness is just that – by adjusting accordingly to the environment (i.e. the painting) and accept the feedback. At present, many have limited physical social meetings and kept our distances from each other. Except, we have not entirely forgo our connections with each other. Many people we know are more conscious of buying local to keep local businesses open and making an effort to connecting with our families and friends..

Aged care providers are not immune to social measures and are continually evolving. These past few months, KOPWA has implemented several measures in ensuring the safety of our residents and staff.

KOPWA has a stable roster in both the residential facility and homecare service with minimal staff changes. There have been extensive training and reinforcement of Infection Control and Handwashing competencies.

Overall, there has been increased and regular communication with the Northern Sydney Local Health District, families, all staff, residents and clients. Some of these were in the form of Short Messages Service (SMS), updated emails to relevant stakeholders, increased visual posters displayed around the facility for easy referencing.

Other implemented practices
We have undertaken an audit on all of the equipment, including kitchen and laundry appliances, the type of fresh produce purchased, and PPE. Visitors remain as per the Government’s recommendations with increased screening and taking of temperature upon entry.

In these so-called uncertain times, the ‘masks’ we apply to conform to the environment and rules can help to expose or protect our true form and behaviours. If we believe that the little changes in our lives can make a positive difference to ourselves and others, the masks we put on can help liberate us and our society. For more information on KOPWA, please contact us.