Excellence in the midst of uncertainties

At KOPWA, we have a meticulous care team that provides excellent service to our residents and clients. Management also ensures our care staff have the best knowledge and skills to undertake the duties they so dedicatedly perform. Infection control is an integral part of KOPWA’s policy and practice. We operate off the National Guidelines for outbreaks in residential facilities in Australia through designated competency training sessions in the different domains of Infection Control for all care staff. Additionally, we installed flip charts and other resources to complement all the provided training and easy reference, so to help stop the spread of the virus. Other measures we have undertaken include identifying alternative workforce strategies and increase communication between families, staff and visitors.

Communication is the transfer of information between people. Delivering updates is one aspect in which we aim to keep our families and friends informed. More importantly, when uncertainties are present, residents and clients may feel disconnected amongst the disruption to their usual routine and environment. The disturbance may cause an increase in anxiety and agitation in our elderly residents. People with dementia may experience apathy and may exhibit a loss of interests – especially in the area of personal hygiene. Therefore, it is pertinent and our priority that our care staff maintain an ongoing personal bond between their residents/clients and themselves so to maintain proper personal hygiene and help steer and relate residents/clients with their familiar.

Another way to maintain familiarity is ensuring there are tailored projects to occupy and enhance residents and clients’ wellbeing. The importance of tailoring activities to suit the capabilities of elderly, especially those with dementia can reduce trigger behaviours. In Archbold House, our recreation officers design themed days, creating a mood of festivity amongst residents and staff. This means all activities such as games, dance, music, movies and even their meals are tailored accordingly to the theme.

In summary, a few weeks ago, strict restrictions were placed on every citizen. In Archbold House, we implemented social and preventative measures to protect our vulnerable residents. While restrictions are slowly being eased, our preparedness is now a proactive response and an evolving practice. Being human means being able to adjust to our circumstances, and that includes a person with dementia, who also has the ability to connect with another person. KOPWA is proud to have supportive care staff and friends. If you wish to find out more about our services, contact us here.