Extra assistance brings life to residents

At KOPWA, we recognise the complexity of caring for ageing residents. Each resident is different, and so the care provided is meticulously put together. We also recognise that our care staff are unique. Management encourages all staff to grow their skills related to their roles and duties. Apart from clinical care training, we hugely support staff to uptake other skill sets such as communication, initiation and time management.

Next week (21st to 27 September 2020) is Dementia Action Week. Its theme will be Dementia. A little support makes a lot of difference. A recent study conducted by the Australian National University found that monitored and extra assistance can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. While we keep in mind the fundamentals of modifiable risk factors for Dementia, having additional support can help us achieve the goal of reducing the risk of developing (or further exacerbating) Dementia.

KOPWA identifies and contracts highly skilled therapists to engage with the lifestyle of residents. Two examples are Music Therapist (Mark Fleming) and Physiotherapist (Boby Tran). Both have been with KOPWA for a long time, and through their expertise, their care programs are conscientiously tailored to suit individual residents, bringing comfort, life and connection to the world.

In the past couple of months, we showcased TOTAL Construction’s building expertise. It was invigorating to know that their observations around the passion KOPWA’s management and staff have for our residents that in every decision (clinical or not) reached there are detailed consultation sessions andinclusion of residents, clients and their families.

Aged Care is everyone’s business. We, as a provider, seek to provide the best gentle and skilled care for your loved ones. That means employing the right people, contractors and building experts so to deliver the highest care we possibly can.

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