Food brings people together

Food is essential to the nourishment of the human body. In many cultures, it is thought that food connects people. Altruistic cooking bonds people together. The benefits of several people cooking together further brings about teamwork and embracing creativity from each person.

Cooking is also an expression of self-love; Nourishing our body with food is one of the ways we use the physical outer world and connect it with our inner being. Prioritising to cook raises our self-esteem and increase the opportunity to socialise. Cooking is like a form of meditation which helps to ease the mind and relaxes the body.

At Archbold House, our residents meet weekly to engage in cooking to connect and share good food. We hope that residents can share with each other their love and knowledge for food and ultimately laugh and experience joy at the end of the activity. For more information on events held at KOPWA, please contact us on (02) 9412 0284.