Foundations of outstanding Home Care

Home care is essential for the safety, comfort and wellbeing of thousands of older Australians and many senior residents on Sydney’s North Shore. 

At KOPWA, we are proud to support local community members by providing quality home care services. Our carers are trained at a number of levels, from basic to advanced nursing. This means we can visit to help out with anything from household chores and shopping to advanced medical care. 

One of the biggest differences between KOPWA’s home care services and those of our industry peers is the experience levels of our home care case managers. 

Home care with a difference

Traditionally, case managers in home care services are not clinically trained. This means that while they may be good at the logistical and administrative side of their jobs, they need a deeper understanding of the work that is being carried out in the community. 

At KOPWA, we build our management team from a base of registered nurses, meaning the approach of every individual’s care plan with has a clear understanding of what’s involved, rather than simply going through paperwork and ticking boxes. 

Home care: how it works

As a client of KOPWA Home Care, you will receive Care Plan Reviews that cover clinical care plans and assessments as well as personal assessments if required. These reviews are used to determine the level of care you require and are eligible for. 

Reviews are completed by Home Care Case Managers, who are all Registered Nurses. Working with a case manager with a nursing background delivers better peace of mind because these professionals understand the challenges seniors can face when living alone in detail. Each KOPWA Case Manager is aware of physical and mental health risks and can support each individual and their families to develop a plan that reflects their needs.

At KOPWA, we are lucky to have the Director of Nursing, the Home Care Manager at KOPWA, and the Education Manager of KOPWA, as clinically trained case managers for KOPWA Home Care. These individuals are all very hands-on and proactive. They leverage their industry experience to ensure the right home care package is created and that quality service is always delivered. 

Providing a premium level of home care on Sydney’s north shore

Other Community and Home Care agencies may not have Case Managers who are clinically trained Registered Nurses. You will notice the difference if you or your loved one wind up with a care plan that doesn’t make living at home feel much easier. 

Our  Registered Nurses are qualified to provide the following care services at home: 

• Wound management 

• Medication management

• Nutrition and hydration management

• Skin integrity management

• Falls prevention management 

• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

When you or your loved one has access to quality care from responsible and experienced providers, it’s possible to remain at home comfortably for longer. 

Want to know more about how home care packages work in Australia and how to arrange at-home care for yourself or a family member on Sydney’s North Shore? Contact KOPWA today.