Healthy eating with Australian Guidelines in Archbold House

The Australian dietary guidelines to healthy eating has five principle recommendations. The recommendations are from the five food groups (fruit, grains, protein based, dairy products, vegetables and legumes) and each guideline is equally important. In elderly seniors who may be less active than in their younger days would still need similar amount of nutrients, or in some cases, more of each type of nutrient from a particular food group. According to 3 of the guidelines for an elderly person, it is first and foremost important to maintain a healthy weight by being physically active and choose nutritious food type instead of energy based food type. As ageing occurs, personal circumstances and health may change, yet continuing to enjoy a wide variety of food is essential. A positive way is to ensure all five food groups are included in your meals is to plan your meals in advance, buy seasonal ingredients and buy only what you need. Understanding that your health and body may have changed and possibly being aware that an older person is more likely to develop chronic illnesses which can be prevented or delayed by limiting lots of saturated fats or added salts and sugars. As well as limiting the nasties, the need to eat fibrous meals and drink more water are highly recommended.

All meals at KOPWA’s Archbold House is prepared by an in house chef who has only the residents in mind and keeps sugar and salt to a minimum. The weekly menu has variety and residents are still able to enjoy the discretionary food in moderation.

Australian Dietary Guidelines for healthy eating

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