Update 25 January 2021

The last week of January 2021. Phew. NSW awkwardly welcomed the new year with many stay home orders, but we have bound together and ensured all Sydneysiders remain safe.
Despite increased detection in the sewage treatment plants, including 2 in the Northern Sydney areas, there has been no local transmission in the past two weeks.

All staff and residents remain safe and well in Archbold House.
The installation of all furniture and interactive technologies are complete. Following a deep clean of the facility will occur. As previously advised, we are the move-in date now is most likely to be on the 8th February 2021.
Residents may start to feel uneasy and may display challenging behaviours.

We have ensured staff are up to date with residents’ behavioural changes and would appreciate any family assistance during this upcoming few weeks

Thank you

Paul Smith