Update 11 September 2020

Hello everyone

On this Spring day, all residents and staff remain well. While we have been fortunate to have our residents and staff free from influenza and other communicable illnesses, the No Visitor advice from NSW health is still in place and a review will be carried out on 18th September.
COVID continues to remain in the community, testing, therefore, remains important.

The contact tracing systems in NSW have been effective. A huge significant contributor is the people in NSW have been doing our bit in ensuring there is not a huge community transmission.

It is lovely to see our residents have been enjoying the warmer change in temperature. We wish to continue to encourage all to take advantage of our telecommunications using Zoom, Skype and facetime.

We are pleased to be hearing of positive comments from the tour of the new facility, so please take up the opportunity and place your name down with Jennifer Homewood on jhomewood@kopwa.org.au.

If you wish to know more about the daily activities, do check out our new Facebook page as well..

Thank you

Paul Smith