How do you wish to be looked after?

The ability and independence to make decisions for ourselves is part of being human. To ensure you make the most appropriate decisions for yourself, you are required to be able to fully understand the terms to your agreement. If an accident or unforeseen illness occurred and you no longer have the mental capacity to make rational decisions, do you know what will happen to your finances?

Legally, if you do not have a Power of Attorney (even if you have a supportive spouse who has diligently managed all financial affairs), your spouse will no longer be able to make significant financial decisions without the approval of the courts? In the case of your lifestyle and health decisions, an Enduring Guardian can assist in the decision-making process around where you live and the types of services that are available to you, and the types of medical treatment you receive.

Both these preparatory documents can be drawn up separately or together. Other relevant documents that can provide additional guidance to others in their care for you are the advance care plan or advance care directive.

KOPWA is able to assist in the preparation of your Advance Care Directives, and if you are experiencing difficulties and wish to find out how to start the process, feel free to contact us.

Please do not wait until an incident has occurred, because your rights to making decisions can be taken away from you.