Information for families and friends

Families and friends of those diagnosed with dementia are often left feeling confused and alone. Many start by finding out the causes and symptoms of dementia. Many also may experience a sense of relief towards the unexplained behaviours they have observed. Being informed of dementia is a good starting point, however, to alleviate family stress and future concerns, there is a need to ensure that the person diagnosed with dementia will continue to have a sustainable quality of life.

What does having a sustainable quality of life mean?

It can mean:

  • the person with dementia is able to exercise their rights
  • being socially connected to others, including the wider community
  • their pain from another complex medical health issue is being acknowledged and treated appropriately


Families and friends can help by:

  • acknowledging that the person with dementia will have a different experience each day
  • responding to the expressed needs (verbal and non-verbal) in a calm and assuring manner
  • not taking any negative responses from the person with dementia personally
  • encouraging them to continue in their social activities
  • being mindful of their progression of behaviours throughout the activity/day
  • taking turns amongst each other to provide care relief

This September is Dementia Awareness month, KOPWA would like to encourage everyone to be informed of the little things you can do to help a person with dementia, a helpsheet link is attached below. There will be an afternoon tea held at Archbold House on Tuesday 25 September at 3pm. For more details please contact Jennifer on 0478 077 340.