Our amazing chef

Older generations have always believed that food is medicine. The health of our residents has always been at the forefront of what we do. As we approach winter, we wish to highlight the benefits of having an in-house chef who meticulously plans nutritious food following each residents’ dietary requirements.

KOPWA’s Archbold House is fortunate to have our in-house Chef, Christian Girardin. Chris started working as a cook in a café and soon developed a passion for food, which lead to becoming qualified in hospitality. Having worked in cafes and restaurants on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Chris decided to work in residential aged care facilities 7 years ago. It aligned closer to his passion that our elderly deserves excellent meals. Chris has marine fishes and corals at home, enjoys fishing and socialising with his friends.

Chris has gained immense knowledge around food safety, meals preparation, and how a restaurant operates before working in KOPWA. He likes to include residents’ meal preferences and request and orders the optimum amount of ingredients to reduce food waste. Also, having an in-house chef allows the rest of the staff to dedicate themselves to their care role. He helps to save everyone time and stress by ordering the necessary ingredients in preparing the dietary specific meal to fit the residents’ needs. Food is Chris’s passion, and he is highly experienced and trained, always providing a variety of dietary different cuisines and snacks. The nutritious food prepared has also helped to improve our Archbold House residents’ energy and sleep pattern. We find more residents getting involved with daily physical activities. Also, the residents spend often reflect on their memories in the food they consume.

The commercial state of the art kitchen in the new facility has allowed Chris and his team to operate several high-tech pieces of equipment and ensuring the high standards of food safety is maintained. The dining room layout and service of food during mealtimes emulates a café/restaurant. The new kiosk will stock freshly baked cakes and daily made sandwiches for residents’ and their visitors to purchase soon.

Chris is looking forward to creating more varied and delicious meals for all 102 residents when Stage 2 of the redevelopment is complete.

For more details on the philosophy of food for our residents, please contact us on 02 9412 0284.