KOPWA’s Recreation Activity Officers

Many Aged Care providers crave to create the best possible activities for each resident. The benefits of having recreation activity officers can help develop and coordinate activities to meet the residents’ social, cultural, spiritual and lifestyle choices and preferences.

At KOPWA’s Archbold House, we have two Recreation Activity Officers who have meticulously taken efforts to know the residents and their families. These two ladies are diligent in maintaining their relationship with each resident. Our weekly activity programs include physical, sensory and emotional experiences that enhance residents’ level of happiness and self-esteem. Our activity officers make conscientious efforts to know the residents’ histories, beliefs and traditions, the roles they play in their families and their clinical well-being. One example is the implementation of the Sunflower Project, residents interests and life histories are collated and shared with other care staff to ensure a deeper connection and interaction. The project also enables all staff and health professionals who provide care to support a more fluid communication process during the delivery of care services.

Some activities, such as knitting are proposed to promote the upkeep of the physical abilities of the residents. It also provides the residents with the opportunity to be involved in an intended knitting project for a good cause.
In this pandemic year, many elderly residents have felt more lonely and isolated; thus, the celebrations are even more essential and meaningful.

Over November and December, our activities officers have had a lineup of activities to bring joy and entertainment to all residents and staff. The festival of a variety of cultural traditions such as Diwali to Spring racing Melbourne Cup or special days like the Mexican Day brings a festive atmosphere to our residents’ lives. Our activity officers hope that through the multiple celebrations and events bring about a merry mood towards this year’s Christmas gatherings.

For more information on what activities are planned for 2021, contact us.