Musicians build connections


Article in Ku ring gai Post

KOPWA is a not-for-profit community based aged care provider to elderly Australians in the suburb of Roseville within the Ku-ring-gai community since 1957.

“Music is more than the note, isn’t it Isabella?” David Helfgott said to 9-year old Isabella.

In 2019, 60 Minutes Australia broadcast world-famous pianist David Helfgott as he met Australian child music prodigy Isabella Lu and connected despite their vast age difference. 

Despite her youth, Isabella Lu mesmerises aspiring musicians, creating a network of friendships. Together with her friend and first-place winner Abigail Wu in the VIVO International Music Competition 2014/15, both talented girls will be playing several instruments at KOPWA’s Archbold House on 27 January 2022, performing to our residents. They have performed numerous times in large-scale auditoriums like the Sydney Opera House. 

This particular moment will be incredibly memorable, for it brings comfort after almost 24 months of great anguish amidst the pandemic world. We also welcome our homecare clients to this event. 

What: World-class musicians in partnership with Aged Care facility to prevent social isolation

Where: KOPWA Archbold House, 12-16 Trafalgar Avenue, Roseville, NSW 2069

When: Thursday 27 January 2022 at 2-3pm