New service promotes social inclusion and physical activities

Physical activities have many benefits for the young and elderly. Especially for the elderly, exercise can help maintain the ability to live independently. The lack of exercise may increase the risk of high body fat levels, high blood pressure, the risk of developing other cardiovascular diseases and a reduction in flexibility and mobility. Exercise can promote healthy bones, joints and muscles, as well as improve mood and overall wellbeing.

KOPWA’s services within Archbold House has a variety of physical activities such as tai chi, yoga and weight-bearing exercises. Apart from residential run programs, a new weekly dedicated day service for people living with dementia within our community is scheduled to open in March.

KOPWA’s Day Respite Centre for people living with dementia service is to provide a safe space where group physical activities can occur under the supervision of staff. Physical group activities are a way of rendering accountability and motivation for each participant attending the service. For those new to group activities, the trained facilitator can scale each exercise according to the capability level of the individual. One such initiative in the program will include combined strength exercises to challenge body balance so to prevent falls. Other activities that are in the service extend to promote creativity, social support and inclusion.

KOPWA’s Day Respite Centre for people living with dementia can provide transport to Roseville if required. Lunch will also be provided onsite. If you wish to know more about the new planned service, please contact Jennifer on 0478 077 340.