Reinvesting in staff training within an Aged Care facility

September 21, 2021
Getting the best out of Aged Care: investing in upskilling staff Aged care teams are responsible for the wellbeing ... Read more

Assistant in Nursing Numa

September 20, 2021
Assistant in Nursing (AIN) employees make up the majority of the aged care workforce in Australia. While the qualif... Read more

Music Therapist Mark Flemming

August 18, 2021
Music therapy is a goal-orientated process and is helpful to increase the overall well-being of a person and qualit... Read more

Music therapy for Aged Care

August 18, 2021
Music therapy is an incredible way to help cognition and improve emotional wellbeing. Learn how KOPWA is using musi... Read more

Home Care News August 2021

August 4, 2021
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Day in the life of a personal carer at Archbold House

July 30, 2021
My name is Sudikshya, many call me KC. I have been working as a personal carer at KOPWA for the two years....... Read more

24 hour care for total peace of mind

July 30, 2021
KOPWA has Registered Nurses on shift 24/7. Find out why this is essential when it comes to safety and peace of mind... Read more

Kopwa Art Therapy

July 5, 2021
Monique Dery-Boyer first became involved in Art therapy after teaching art classes to adults and children for a lon... Read more

The Kiosk Cafe is open

July 1, 2021
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