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Residential Aged Care extras

November 22, 2022
KOPWA sets the standard for residential aged care on Sydney’s North Shore by providing a luxurious facility with ... Read more
Home Care Case Management

What is Case Management for Home Care?

November 22, 2022
If you or your loved one are looking into home care, you may come across the terms case management, care management... Read more

Foundations of outstanding Home Care

October 26, 2022
Home care is essential for the safety, comfort and wellbeing of thousands of older Australians and many senior resi... Read more

Registered Nurse requirements within Aged Care facilities

October 26, 2022
KOPWA is a residential aged care facility on Sydney’s North Shore that exceeds current requirements for on-call r... Read more

Meet our dynamic, multi-skilled Home-Carer, Masi

September 21, 2022
We have an amazing talent pool amongst our support staff at KOPWA. Not only are they exceptional in their home care... Read more

KOPWA is Green Star Rated (plus some more exciting news)

September 21, 2022
KOPWA’s recently upgraded aged care facility on the North Shore has received a green star rating from the Green B... Read more

What is home care?

September 21, 2022
KOPWA now provides home care services as well as residential aged care from its base on Sydney’s north shore. Man... Read more

Edith – Residential aged care worker

August 24, 2022
In most health sectors, aged care workers carry many stigmas they must overcome. Generally, a career in the aged ca... Read more

KOPWA’s culture of improvement

July 18, 2022
Aged care facilities in Australia are subject to strict standards and must undergo regular accreditation assessment... Read more