Preparedness or #Toiletpapergating

#Toiletpapergate trends the news in the last few days. It sounds almost ludicrous that the general public is worried about not having enough toilet paper should the current coronavirus becomes a pandemic. While the concerns around the risks of contracting the virus are high, Australia does have adequate doctors and appropriate health measures to manage the numbers of infected individuals. The Government’s emergency response plan highlights the message of regular daily activity with the hint of being ‘stringent in exercising personal hygiene’ (ABC News, Friday 28/02/20), especially around people with compromised immunity. The Government has also informed of planned responses to the severity of the outbreak and could potentially see residential aged care facilities in lockdown.

At KOPWA’s Archbold House, should an outbreak occur, our staff are highly prepared and trained in following the guidelines drawn by the public health authorities, so to manage the severity of the disease. We have daily internal and external information that is communicated efficiently to ensure staff are well prepared to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents.

If you feel unwell, please refrain from visiting the facility and visit your GP.
For more details on our services and our preparedness, please contact us.