Quality and Education Manager – Fiona Potter

In 2021, it was no secret that Aged Care facilities have been under tremendous scrutiny for their clinical practices and processes in managing the COVID19 pandemic. We are very fortunate to have our Quality and Education Manager and Infection Control Lead, Fiona Potter, to keep guiding us through the uncertain phase of life. Fiona’s role as an educator evolved considerably since joining KOPWA in 2019. Her desire to share decades of nursing experience continues despite the COVID19 pandemic, and she is firm in her practice to keep both residents and staff safe.

Fiona has improved clinical software technologies to enhance clinical care and reduce paper workload. Some of these include online medical systems, an online pain assessment tool that uses artificial intelligence to determine residents’ facial expressions, and a digital screening solution for anyone who walks into the facility.

Part of a clinical quality role is to ensure that our residential aged care facility remains compliant with the 8 Standards of Care. With her experience, Fiona has trialled several industry-led quality monitoring tools. She uses them to help her identify potential educational gaps so we may have to improve our clinical practice opportunities.

Compared to the national standards, KOPWA has managed to keep COVID19 out of the facility for 18 months before our first case during the overwhelming omicron wave. We have since worked to contain further virus spread within the facility. Our success is staff and Management embracing teamwork, and everyone is responsible for ensuring hand hygiene and all infection control practices are highly maintained.

Management is investing in technologies to help improve all of our continuous improvement practices and ensure the software has all its reporting capability. Fiona constantly collaborates with our clinical information platforms to gain uniformity across the different record-keeping processes. With the new Stage 2 close to being completed, Fiona has plans to expand in-depth education and training for staff in readiness to care for high levels of people living with dementia.

KOPWA provides high clinical care under the direction, coupled with the ease of new technology. For more information on our services, please contact us on 9412 0284.