Recognising employee: Samita Budhathaki

Samita Budhathaki, a long serving valued staff has obtained her Registered Nursing degree from University of Western Sydney in 2017. KOPWA Archbold House is very proud her achievements and caught up with her.


Interviewer: Thank you for having this quick chat with me. What was your motivation for undertaking your RN degree?

Samita: I have been working in KOPWA for 8 years now, and so decided to improve myself for future career progression. It is only natural to want to improve myself.


I: Having just returned from maternity leave, you certainly have encountered some challenges while undertaking this degree from 2014. Would you like to share, if any, what they were?

S: My biggest challenge was around time management, especially when assignments were due. However, I received a lot of support from my colleagues and management which made completing assignments slightly better than I have expected.


I: So what are your future plans having now received a more advanced qualification?

S: I really love working here (KOPWA), everyone is very supportive. My studies have definitely helped me to understand the value of proper administering of medication. I wish to continue working in Aged Care and KOPWA. In the next few years, to gain more experience as a RN. I would like to encourage my colleagues to upskill themselves.


I: Thank you for your time.


KOPWA has numerous education and training plans and often encourages staff to undertake upskilling opportunities. For more information around employment and career opportunities, please contact (02) 9412 0284.