Registered Nurse requirements within Aged Care facilities

KOPWA is a residential aged care facility on Sydney’s North Shore that exceeds current requirements for on-call registered nurses.

It may surprise you that the 2021 census found 15 per cent of Australia’s workforce is employed in the healthcare and social assistance industries. Of this 15 per cent, there are over 260,000 Registered Nurses. The occupation grew by 19 per cent between 2016 and 2021.

This is good news because the Australian Government has been making changes to aged care on a number of levels, and staffing is one of them.

As of July 2023, mandatory care standards will ensure every aged care service has a registered nurse on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While some aged care facilities may struggle to meet these requirements, at KOPWA, we have provided  24/7 care for total peace of mind for many years. We prioritise having a registered nurse on-site at KOPWA regardless of what legislation dictates. We don’t feel like we could describe what we do as ‘caring’ if we didn’t.

In addition to having a Registered Nurse on call at all times, our management team are all RNs meaning that  our senior team understands the requirements of the job and can support our workers accordingly.

24/7 Care at KOPWA

In New South Wales[1] , it is already a requirement that at least 1 Registered Nurse is on site for morning and afternoon shifts and in some facilities at night. KOPWA continually aims to exceed  this requirement.

There are plenty of nurses in each of the shifts at KOPWA’s residential aged care facility on Sydney’s North Shore and their duties include :.

  • Deliver, manage and oversee medication administration and restorative care
  • Care for patients who have experienced a fall
  • Oversee the care management of infections
  • Monitor health and diet requirements
  • Help to manage chronic disease
  • Providing support to dementia patients
  • Providing emergency response care
  • Support with palliative care including complex pain management

Registered nurses take responsibility for updating and maintaining medical records. They will liaise with GPs and other health professionals, and communicate with residents’ families when necessary. Their duties also ensure the facility they work adheres to the correct policies and procedures.

Overcoming worker shortages

The Government is encouraging aged care facilities to always be actively searching for Registered nurses to have on staff. AT KOPWA, while we are always seeking motivated staff, we offer in-house training so our existing staff can upskill and work  towards additional qualifications.

We have many staff who have been with us for a long time. One of the reasons is that we instil a welcoming and encouraging culture, we offer competitive remuneration packages and we encourage staff to discuss options around upskilling, promotion opportunities and career progression.

We hold an excellent reputation amongst aged care workers as well as residents and their families in attracting and retaining some of Sydney’s best.

Quality care. Always.

Our facility takes pride in being one of the leading aged care providers on Sydney’s North Shore because we have an outstanding team of qualified people. The residents at KOPWA always have a helping hand on call, whether it is a Registered Nurse to administer medical support or a carer to provide support in another area.

Want to know more about what makes an aged care facility stand out as the right choice for your loved one? A roster of 24/7 Registered Nurses is just one of the benefits at KOPWA. Contact us to find out more today.