Restoring connections to boost mental health

In 2020, many people have reported experiencing stress and anxiety in new and unexplained ways. For some, the symptoms manifest itself in physical pain, whilst others experience a sense of helplessness. In the recent Federal Budget, the Government has increased the number of Medicare-subsidised psychological sessions. The allocated funds have copped criticisms in which these benefits are only useful to those who have the means to access psychological support. Those who have much higher mental health problems are often incapable or unable to access these services.

In Aged Care, the emphasis on mental health is exhibited in the pathophysiological changes and social factors, and are often difficult to diagnose. One such common symptom is depression that emerges as a lack of initiation, participation, loss of enjoyment, poor sleep and pain. Too often, the depressive symptoms are a result of chronic ill health, social isolation and loneliness and sense of loss.

Many Aged Care facilities went into lockdown during the pandemic. The imposed restrictions have had some tragic but lasting effects on both family members and residents. Aged Care facilities like KOPWA has increased technological communication systems to overcome barriers of disconnect. Archbold House is continually restoring the connection between family members and residents, and also taking time to review activities so that new and current residents and staff can meet and form meet new people and develop meaningful and interesting friendships. During mealtimes, our residents gather in the dining room and share their meals together. There is also increased activity participation from different staff members so to engage with their residents.

Our family and friends of Archbold House are continually being updated through communication and reminded of the screening requirements before and visiting residents. As residents’ visitors are an integral part of their mental health, KOPWA recognises the importance to support the restoration of connection between people. Our receptionist ensures that the screening process is undertaken for everyone when they walk through the gates at Archbold House. Meetings are then conducted, preferably in residents rooms or in outdoor gardens. Should a visitor require training to don a PPE for any reason, it can be provided by our senior care staff.

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