Secret to happiness

Today, many people are seeking the formula for happiness and success. Recently collected surveys from residents, their families, clients and staff have shown their appreciation for the work we do. So, what makes us at KOPWA different to the other providers?

We are a small aged care provider dedicated to serving the northern Sydney community. From the Board to staff, we acknowledge diversity and recognise strengths and flaws. We continually seek to improve our practices in the things we are currently excelling in, and attempting to succeed at those we are not so good at. We aim to achieve optimum level in the successes of our roles, and provide professional and social support to all staff.

We want to change our perspective towards the care we give to staff and to residents and clients. Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, claims that the science to happiness is to change our perception which can affect reality. When we are positive in the present, the lens in our brain that views the world shapes the reality; Our brain therefore work faster, more effectively, allowing it to be creative and imaginative.

Try these 3 small changes for the next 21 days, you will notice some positive changes:

  1. Acknowledge and write in your journal 3 things you are grateful for today
  2. Exercise/move daily
  3. Do 1 random act of kindness

What is your brain viewing today? Would you like to see how we operate at KOPWA?

For more information on the care and services we provide, please ring  02 9412 0284 to book a tour.