Seeking volunteers for socially isolated elderly

I’ll be seeing my dad

My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum

They’ll be drinking white wine in the sun

Tim Minchin’s White Wine In The Sun reminds us that celebrating Christmas in Australia is as sentimental as celebrations up in the northern hemisphere. Religion may not be a practice in the modern day yet many understand that Christmas is about love, joy, peace and family. Families have different ideas on how to celebrate the festive season, and sometimes it means a group of elderly individuals may experience exclusion from their families’ plans. Sometimes our elderly friends may have always been alone, and a little touch from you may be their cornerstone.

If you have dancing feet or magical talents; Or you have pets you love, please don’t be silent;

Maybe you have 30 minutes or more in a week; Or simply a smile that brings joy is one we seek.

Whatever it is you have, we know you want to give, your time and smile is currency to the lives of our residents and home care clients.

To find out more on how you can volunteer with KOPWA, please contact or ring (02) 9412 0284.