Service quality

LASA CEO Sean Rooney addressed the 2018 National Congress with the message that older Australians want a safe, high quality, high performing and a sustainable aged care system. The quality of aged care services has been given much attention in the recent year, also in the spotlight is the establishment of Royal Commission and its objective in shaping the future of the aged care industry, it is no doubt that the demand for and quality of care is increasing.

So, how do we view the quality of our services?

In addition to our high clinical care performance, we have staff with positive attitudes who show great compassion and care. The type of compassion that is able to see clearly the needs of our residents and clients, and the daily effort in transforming lives through engagement and activities. Our two leisure and lifestyle officers share ideas and plan a range of programs to engage residents through pet, music and art therapy sessions, as well as encouraging much outdoor activities such as gardening and mystery shopping. Last week, in getting into the spirit of Halloween, the residents enjoyed doing some light yoga in the courtyard before relaxing into music and dance in the afternoon!

At KOPWA we recognise that clinical care is as important as the social connection the residents experience. We try to emulate a home-like living environment with dedicated quiet areas for residents to retreat to. Smaller groups have shown to have an enhanced quality of life; therefore at mealtimes, residents may choose to sit with their peers at the dining table, but for those who have no preferences, there is careful selection of suited residents sitting at the same table. Residents are encouraged to practice their rights and those who do feel valued and respected for their choices and have displayed independence in their experience living in Archbold House.

For more information on the services and quality of care provided at KOPWA, please ring (02) 9412 0284 or email