Silly Season Collisions

As we approach the festive season, it is important to continue to be vigilant whilst driving, especially in and around car parks. A recent NRMA article “Beware of car park dings this Christmas” has car insurance data which suggests that car park collisions claims in December increased 18% above the annual average, with Thursdays being the most common day.

Over 65s have done so well all year, in avoiding rush hour at shopping centres, however it is almost impossible to avoid any sort of ‘rush hour’ in December. Schools are closed, parents have taken time off work in attempt to complete the Christmas shopping, and the Over 65s continue their weekly routine of shopping and socialising. It is no wonder there is greater possibility of collisions in car parks. So how can we protect yourself and your car?

  1. Do maintain your car in a safe and road worthy manner
  2. Keep your health in check; Avoid driving if you are unwell or tired
  3. Obey the parking rules and traffic directions (in a car park); be patient of those who don’t
  4. Be mindful of distracted shoppers; especially children and other elderly peers
  5. Be alert for those stray shopping trolleys that belong in dedicated bays


Overall, be alert for other users, any loss of concentration can put you, your car, and possibly others at a greater risk of a collision.