Staff Introduction – Rachel Elmasri

There are many responsibilities a Director of Nursing and Clinical Care (DNCC) hold. As the name suggests, a Director of Nursing and Clinical Care’s role is to ensure eagle eye management over the patients’ clinical care, including inline with the National and Stage laws and regulations. The DNCC needs to be an experienced Registered Nurse who oversees the clinical care pertaining to patients and may involve leading a team of nurses, care assistants and other external health providers, including Allied Health.

Sometimes DNCC duties may extend to administration regarding the care of patients. These may include hiring new staff to ensure appropriate staff can effectively contribute to the care of the patients or being involved with the planning of meals to ensure patients are getting delicious and nutritious meals. The DCC may also need to assist in financial budget management for the clinical care delivery.

KOPWA has recently created a Director of Nursing and Clinical Care role for Rachel Elmasri. Rachel comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector and has respectfully gained popularity amongst her peers for her dedication. Rachel has purposeful and strategic skills that place our residents and clients in the best clinical care they deserve. We know that Rachel has already embarked on this exciting opportunity to bring KOPWA services to the next level of excellence in care.  For more information on the care services we provide, please contact us on 94120284.