The culture at KOPWA

Culture is important at KOPWA when it comes to staff and resident relationships. Find out how we encourage a collaborative, supportive environment for all.

Establishing the right workplace culture is a popular topic these days as people seek more positive environments and aim to spend time where they feel happy and supported.

In Aged Care, culture is an interesting topic because these facilities are not just workplaces, they are also people’s homes.

At KOPWA, we encourage a positive culture in all of our interactions between staff, residents, clients in their homes, and family members.

Our workplace culture

As a not-for-profit, community-based organisation, KOPWA is committed to providing excellent care to residents, clients and family members while delivering a sustainable operational outcome in establishing and maintaining a caring and cohesive team.

Our staff look to understand each other’s strengths. All employees are encouraged to step up and make decisions where possible, so they have ownership over the outcome and contribute towards the progress of the organisation.

With an intent to know our staff and establishing a transparent relationship where people feel safe to ask questions and make suggestions can make KOPWA an effective, safe, happy place to work.

Every team member at KOPWA is motivated to have a true impact on the lives of our clients and their families. Apart from being highly trained, our staff have a passion for improving the health and well-being of our residents.

Our staff/resident culture

Our organisation is small but supportive. As part of our culture, we encourage all staff and volunteers to form meaningful relationships with their clients. By doing this, they can experience more rewarding experience and can see first-hand the effect their work has on their clients’ quality of life.

We promote the three ‘I’s of individuality, independence and inclusion to all staff and residents to for positive experiences.

A residential Aged Care facility is not a hospital so we want the people who live with us to feel like they are at home. This means being able to choose what they do, when and where they do it. 

Our calendar includes events and outings so residents at KOPWA can be as busy as they like or keep to themselves if that is what they prefer.

Resident culture

Moving into residential care can be overwhelming, and it is important to us that all new residents feel comfortable as quickly as possible by encouraging participation in group activities with others and forming a positive relationship with their neighbours.

Communication culture

The following values help define the way we communicate with each other, our residents and their families:

We value RESPECT

We value others. Respect for self and others, and by maintaining a customer-focused, safe and supportive team environment.


We are responsible for our actions and the impact they have on the lives of our residents, clients and fellow workers.


We will not compromise the truth and we demonstrate equity and fairness in our dealings with others at all times.


We are committed to quality service delivery and strive to achieve best practice in everything we do.

A commitment to upholding these values means we have a strong and positive culture at KOPWA.

To find out more about our community-based, not for profit residential Aged Care facilities and at home Aged Care services, contact KOPWA today.