Tips to assist you when you visit

You will be soon be visiting your family or friend in their home, how can you prepare yourself? Social interactions are positive. With the person with dementia in mind, there are inclusive methods of communication which can improve the quality of visit. Here are some helpful tips for a more successful and enjoyable visit.

  1. Dementia is a degenerative disease. The last time you saw the person with dementia may be last week, but the brain may have declined since the last visit, therefore, any visitor need to remember that the person with dementia may not necessarily remember who you are at first instant. Be open to new experiences in the new upcoming visit
  2. Inform of your visit, so that staff may be able to prepare the person of your visit
  3. Introduce yourself upon arrival, gently reminding the person of your connection
  4. Avoid asking too many questions, allow them to lead the conversations during the visit
  5. If the person is feeling tired or not talkative, do not be offended
  6. At such moments, providing physical touch can be comforting
  7. If you are struggling to find something to do together, remain calm and press your ‘restart’ button . Look around the room for ideas (photographs, music, or come prepared with an activity of the person’s interest)

The environment will also be a factor to how the person may feel, and sometimes a change in scenery may improve the experience of the person with dementia.

This September is Dementia Awareness month, KOPWA would like to encourage everyone to be informed of the little things you can do to help a person with dementia, a help sheet is attached below. There will be an afternoon tea held at Archbold House on Tuesday 25 September at 3pm. For more details please contact Jennifer on 0478 077 340.