TOTAL expertise

KOPWA is fortunate to have Michael McDermott (TOTAL’s Site Manager) and Luigi Giordano (TOTAL’s Project Director) working on the redevelopment project. We wanted to find out their insights to the build . Both men work tirelessly onsite to ensure a safe work environment based upon managing the design, implementing and monitoring safe systems.

Q: Upon commencement of the project, what if any, was your expectation for TOTAL in this project?

T: When we commenced working on this project, our ultimate goal was to construct a high quality Aged Care home for KOPWA and residents. We were very mindful of the live environment that we were working adjacent to and we knew in order to achieve a successful outcome, it was vital to create a strong communication stream with all stakeholders from the beginning.

How has our staff over at KOPWA responded to you and your team?

T: From the outset, the response from the KOPWA staff has been really positive. Communication has been open and transparent from both sides which has resulted in a strong relationship built on trust and respect.

  • Some fun facts:
    • How many tradies have you had working on this site up to 30 June 2020? 420
    • Can you please provide an estimate number of bricks to be laid for the whole project? 170,000 Bricks
    • How much cement was poured in ‘cubic metres’ for Stage 1?
    • How many metres of electrical cabling is involved with the job?
      • 53,000m of Light and Power Cable.
      • 25,000m of Comms, Data, Control, MATV Cable

Is there one innovation in this project, in your opinion, that is a highlight?
T: From a building perspective, it would be the roof. Due to some DA constraints we had to design and construct a very unique roof. While it may not look any different from the outside we have employed solutions and methodologies that are unique internally. For example, we employed a double decker roof design, routing large services so that they did not protrude the roof.

From a relational perspective, it is definitely a highlight to be able to engage with the existing Archbold House residents. We arranged for viewing platforms to be set up to enable the residents and staff to feel part of the construction experience and feel a connection to what will be their new home.

The project is moving rapidly and we thank you for guiding your team. How would you recommend KOPWA to its potential future residents and their families?
T: KOPWA staff lead by CEO Paul Smith have a real passion for aged care services and every decision that they have made has always been with the intent to better the lives of their residents and families. The residents care will always come first.

Thank you to both Michael and Luigi for providing their experience and thoughts on the project. Tours of the construction site are currently being conducted every Saturday at 2pm. Due to the limited number of people we can take through each week, you will be required to make a booking with Jennifer on For more information on KOPWA, contact 9412 0284.