We encounter the common term “Person Centred Care” daily in  modern health approach. What does it actually mean? Tom Kitwood’s philosophy of care carries a V.I.P.s framework that focuses on

Value, Individual, and Perspective, and social

It is important for any person to feel valued as an individual, that their lives are worth living. It is pertinent to use our imagination and view life through the eyes while caring for the elderly, especially those living with dementia. Below are 5 helpful suggestions to support person centred care:

  • Change your focus/perception and approach the “Very Important Person” with them as an individual first, followed by the task at hand
  • Consider if the person is able to carry the task on their own;
  • Announce your next move, wait for a response (verbal and non-verbal cues) before doing actioning it
  • Slow yourself down to match the pace of the person
  • Use your senses and observe – Listen with your heart, eyes and ears

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