What is Case Management for Home Care?

If you or your loved one are looking into home care, you may come across the terms case management, care management or self-management. Is case management necessary and why is it helpful to work with a provider who offers both services? This article explains what these terms mean and how we handle case management at KOPWA.

What is case management?

Also referred to as care management, case management refers to supporting an individual through the home care process. A case manager will ensure care is appropriate, help to book carer visits and check that their clients’ home care is helping them to achieve their well-being goals.

Case/care managers play an important role to ensure home care is consistent and effective. They can also help when it’s time to transition to the next level of care.

Why have a home care case manager?

A case manager can be a welcome ‘bridge’ between an elderly person, their family and their care providers.

The support they provide includes:

  • Undertaking ongoing health assessments and reviewing care needs
  • Explain the results of a formal ACAT assessment
  • Design a care management plan
  • Liaising with carers, doctors and allied health providers
  • Recommending changes to a home care plan
  • Arranging home visits from carers, nurses and other home care professionals
  • Explaining steps and requirements to family and keeping them up to date with what’s going on.
  • Advocating for change if necessary

A home care case manager can act as a sounding board and advisor. They understand the needs of the older generation and apply their knowledge of the aged care industry to help their clients to live more comfortably at home. This also gives family members much-appreciated peace of mind.

Are you able to self-manage your Home Care Package?

An elderly person or their loved one(s) can self-manage home care. In this scenario, they choose their own support workers and liaise with the contractors who provide care.

While self-managing is possible, if you don’t have knowledge of the industry, it can quickly become overwhelming.  This is why case managers are recommended. 

KOPWA’s case management services

At KOPWA, we are pleased to offer case management services in addition to providing home care to individuals on and around Sydney’s north shore.

We have dedicated case managers who take the stress and confusion out of arranging and maintaining home care. Their services are included as part of the home care package we offer our valued clients. Many of our staff stay with us for the long term so our clients and their families benefit from having regular contact with the same case manager over extended periods of time.

A case manager from KOPWA understands our home care service in detail. This means carers and case managers are ‘on the same page’ when it comes to processes, protocols and communication.

Home care from KOPWA

KOPWA provides its own trained staff for home care, as well as having a Registered Nurse to carry out clinical assessments on individuals to help determine if they are ready and eligible for home care.

By providing a suite of home care services, we are able to make the transition to receiving home care smoother for our clients and their families.

Want to know more about how home care packages work in Australia and how to arrange at-home care for yourself or a family member on Sydney’s North Shore? Contact KOPWA today.

Home Care Case Management