What is home care?

KOPWA now provides home care services as well as residential aged care from its base on Sydney’s north shore.

Many Australians fail to realise they qualify for at-home help once they reach a certain age and level of ability.

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care program offers home care packages for seniors across four different levels. These can be accessed by individuals and couples who want to live independently but need support with household tasks and personal care.

If you or your loved one needs help preparing meals or maintaining good hygiene, home care from a registered provider is an excellent and cost-effective solution.

What does a home care package include?

When someone signs up for home care, the services they receive are tailored to their needs.

For example, a senior who only requires a basic level of care may have a care worker show up once or twice per week to take them to and from social engagements and help keep the house clean.

At a more advanced level, home care for seniors can include a nurse visiting to administer medication and help with showering, grooming and changing bandages.

Levels of home care packages

In Australia, home care packages are spread across four different ‘levels’, with an annual budget allocated differently for each.

Level 1 provides basic care for seniors who just need a little extra help, transport or company.

Level 2 is designed to meet ‘low care needs’. Support mostly involves help with housework and chores but some personal care is available.

Level 3 is intermediate and adds support with aids and appliances as well as services for those who suffer from memory and cognition issues. A qualified nurse may be in attendance as well as a care worker.

Level 4 refers to high-level care for seniors who require a greater level of support from more experienced care workers. The individual may, for example, have dementia or Parkinson’s disease.

How is a home care package paid for?

A home care package is subsidised in part by the Government.

A means test will determine whether someone is required to contribute some of their own income/funds.

There is also a basic daily care fee paid by each individual. It is withdrawn from the pension if there are no other funds to draw from.

Payment goes directly to the care provider, which would be KOPWA on Sydney’s north shore in this example.

When to apply for a home care package

Most seniors realise it is time for some extra support when:

  • Daily chores such as laundry and vacuuming become too difficult
  • Shopping and preparing meals feels overwhelming
  • Mobility issues make it harder to get around
  • Memory loss is affecting safety and comfort
  • They can no longer drive and do not feel safe when catching public transport
  • The garden is getting out of control
  • Showering, cutting nails and dressing cuts becomes too difficult.

If you have an older loved one and you suspect they may need help at home, talk to your GP about a referral for an assessment.

We assess and create individual care plans.

To be eligible for an at-home care package, an individual must be referred for an assessment by what’s known as an ACAT (aged care assessment team).

At KOPWA, we make things easier by having an in-house team that can provide these assessments. The team will conduct an assessment to determine the level of care required and which specific services should be included in the care package. These Home care services will be included as as part of the home care clients care plan.

With KOPWA, the transition to home care is much easier. There is no need to interact with multiple teams and providers. We also have a team of highly experienced carers with clinical and medical training, many of whom have been part of our north shore aged care facility for many years.

Apply now

Home care packages can have a 3 – 6 month wait. To find out more about getting approved for this type of care, contact KOPWA on 02 9412 0270 today.