Workplace culture matters at KOPWA

At KOPWA, our culture is focused on creating a positive, safe environment for the elderly residents of our aged care facility.

To set ourselves apart and be known as one of the best aged care providers in our area, we have created a high-quality facility and paid attention to every detail when it comes to surroundings, activities and clinical care. However, the real difference comes not from the building but our workplace culture. 

Our staff, many of whom have been part of the team for decades, feel valued and appreciated. As a result, they go out of their way to make sure our residents are comfortable and happy, and we know that this makes a big difference in the residents’ lives.

Here are some of the ways we are highly sought after for aged care workers as well as residents.

Clear induction process

Working with the elderly is a learned skill. At our aged care facility on Sydney’s north shore, we follow a clear induction process with signed off competencies. This means our residents will feel comfortable in our staff’s abilities.

We also have a competency and upskilling program that encourages the development of new skills for new graduates.

Career progression

KOPWA staff at every level are able to discuss options around upskilling, promotion opportunities and career progression during performance reviews.

There is always the opportunities  of an exciting new challenge and we take a forward-thinking approach so nobody ever feels ‘stuck’ in their role.

In-house training

Training programs at KOPWA are particularly focused on dementia and mental health. At present, we work closely with the Dementia Australia’s Birch Pathway program, a 5-step Care & Practice Program that reinforces the ongoing commitment to providing excellence in aged care.

Staff will have access to furthering their career opportunities and can take on additional duties within the dementia wing, and will be duly compensated accordingly. With the additional new staff who will be skilled in the area of dementia care, there are plans in place on creating potential new roles such as team leaders and dementia wing coordinators.

Incentives and bonuses

The best aged care providers have staff who feel good about coming to work because they are supported and valued.

At KOPWA, we aim to retain and provide further training to staff according to the required qualifications and skills needed to care for our residents. We provide special gift vouchers for standout performers.

We believe our team is worth every dollar and in accordance to the experience and capabilities of the staff, wages are duly renumerated.

Streamlined processes

For most of the staff at our aged care facility on Sydney’s north shore, the joy in their workday comes from interacting with residents and helping to improve their quality of life. To help our staff eliminate the amount of administration in paperwork, we implement easy and streamlined resources to assist in this process.

To make every day easier, our executive team puts a great deal of work into streamlining the process for completing standard reporting, documentation, incidents and complaint reports. The easier these tasks are, the less stress there is and the more time to pay attention to the people who matter most; our residents.

Why KOPWA is the best aged care provider on Sydney’s north shore

It’s not only our residents who love being part of KOPWA. We see each team member as an extension of our brand and support them to do their absolute best every single day.

Book a time to tour our north shore aged care facility to meet some of our staff for yourself. We look forward to getting to know you.